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  • Writer's pictureMorgan Haines Schmidt

There is something so beautiful and raw about capturing the first forty eight hours of a child's life. Baby Owen graced the world in early April, making James a big brother. It was sweet to watch James explore the hospital room and meet his brother for the first time.

James seemed more interested in his surroundings than his baby brother. But over time, I suspect he will grow to love his little buddy.

So tired, yet blissfully happy and in love with this new bundle of joy.

Sweet sleeping angel, totally unphased by his surroundings.

View more from this Fresh 48 session with the Lander crew below!

  • Writer's pictureMorgan Haines Schmidt

Trudie, Nader and Virginia's Goldendoodle, was so used to the limelight that she hardly knew what to do when her baby sister, Eleanor, arrived home to stay. She charmed her way through each photo and no doubt her parents will have these images to smile about for years to come.

Like many older siblings, it takes a while to adjust to the new baby in the house!

With a little tlc, I have no doubt that Eleanor and Trudie will be the best of friends in no time at all.

It was a joy to work with the Baaklini family, and we were able to capture so many sweet images during Eleanor's newborn session.

Those bright blue eyes are ready to take on the world!

Slide through below for more from this sweet newborn session!

  • Writer's pictureMorgan Haines Schmidt

Callie and Matt make the most beautiful babies. Seriously! I have been working with these two since their first born, Liza, entered the world and we have become great friends along the way. They are kind-hearted souls that love the Lord and each other, and love everything outdoors--so do their children. From fishing to hunting to farming and searching for bugs and sticks, the word "bored" is far from this family's vocabulary. Callie and Matt's new home will overlook the Polo Fields, so it was only fitting to capture their family maternity session in their new backyard.

Is this not the happiest family, or what?!

I just love these mother-daughter shots. I think Liza is super excited to meet her baby brother in June!

While Liza and Hunter played nearby, I snagged a few of Callie and Matt. I always love trying to capture a few shots of mom and dad only.

This stunning mama-to-be was so easy to capture and her natural glow shines through in these photos.

Last few months as a duo. There's room on that bench for a third!

And just as the session was winding down, we captured some of my favorite images of the day with these beautiful horses.

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